A Family Adventure

A few years ago Kat had the notion of taking up beekeeping. At least that's the way I remember it. If you ask her she'll insist it was my idea, but in any case, we signed up for "Starting Right with Bees," a beginning beekeeping class offered periodically by NEOBA (The Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association), and our family adventure began.

And it truly was a family adventure. Kat and I both took the classes, along with our two teenaged sons and my elderly mother. We finished the classes in February 2012, bought a young colony from a fellow member of Neoba on 28 March, collected a feral swarm from Bartlesville on 2 April (see photo), and bought 2 nucs from Greg Hannaford on 26 May. And so we began our apiary, our first summer of beekeeping, with those four hives.

We've grown some since then, both in hive count and in knowledge. Oh, we've had our share of set backs too. After all, success without failures is just blind luck. But as God continues to bless our efforts, and we continue to grow, we remain a family, and a family operation.


Hébert's Honey Bees is changing. We had to give up offering nuisance colony removal a few years ago, and now we're having to give up honey production too. It's just more than my old joints can handle anymore.

But that doesn't mean we're going away. Instead we're transitioning into an educational focus. We'll see how things develop from there.