1 Pint: $10.50
(unit price: $8.00 /lb.)

2+ Pints: $10.00 ea
(unit price $7.62 /lb.)

We only sell our honey at local farmers' markets, while supplies last, and it usually sells out pretty quickly. See our Calendar page for times and locations, or "Like" our Facebook page and always be among the first informed.

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Why do we only sell Hébert's Honey Bees honey at local farmers' markets? I'm glad you asked.

Locally produced

The main reason we started beekeeping was Kat's allergies. Many years ago she heard that locally produced raw honey would alleviate her symptoms, and boy did it! At least the first time.

The next year she found some more local honey, but it offered very little relief. And that was how we discovered that not all locally bottled honey is locally produced honey.

So, as you can imagine, we have a particular commitment to bottling and selling locally produced honey. You can always tell where Hébert's Honey Bees honey was produced by the zip code on the label. We never ship our bees across the country to pollinate crops and then bring them home to extract the honey.

Pure honey

Neither do we ever supplement our bees during honey production. We do not feed them sugar water or corn syrup while they're producing honey for extraction. Oh, sometimes we have to feed a hive for one reason or another, but we never sell that honey. When you open a jar of Hébert's Honey Bees honey, you know it's pure natural honey made by local bees from natural nectar.

Raw honey

Hébert's Honey Bees honey is bottled and sold raw. We take care to never add heat to our honey. Any enzymes the bees put in our honey remain in our honey.

Pollen content

Hébert's Honey Bees honey is never filtered. Not only will forcing the honey through filtration membranes produce heat, filtering also removes the natural pollen found in honey.

Pollen grains range in size from less than 10 µm (microns) to several hundred microns. When we extract our honey, we do strain it for debris (e.g. wax particles), but only down to 500 µm. This ensures that our honey is clean and pure, but more importantly that (as with the enzymes) whatever pollen the bees put in our honey remains in our honey.

Legal labeling requirement

In accordance with Oklahoma State Law, every jar of Hébert's Honey Bees honey bears the following label.

918 623 3078

Joe & Kat Hébert
98119 N3745 Rd
Okemah, OK 74859

Bottled in a facility not inspected by
the OK Dept. of Health.

Honey: Net Wt. 21oz.