Handy Tips & References

If you're looking for a beekeeper local to you, check out our links page. There you will find website links for several Oklahoma beekeeping clubs, as well as one for each state.

As an added value for those who visit our website, we've included the reference library too. There you will find many old reference books and articles on beekeeping. They're public domain now, which means they're old, but the information is still valid and valuable.

  • Beekeeping Library
    A collection of books and articles on bees and beekeeping.
  • Web Links
    A list of website addresses for beekeeping clubs in Oklahoma and around the nation.
  • Build Your Own Bee Vac
    How to build your own bee vac in less than half an hour for less than $40.
  • 9 Frame Supers
    Get more honey in fewer frames, and make uncapping easier to boot.
  • Lining Bees
    Hunting bees the old way.
  • Avoiding Bee Stings
    If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then the best possible treatment for bee stings is to avoid them. And with just a bit of knowledge you can.
  • Is It Too Late to Split a Hive?
    Whether splitting hives, or starting a new batch of queens, the question is, "Will there be any drones for mating?"
  • Storing Frames of Drawn Comb
    How to protect frames of empty drawn comb over the winter.

  • Making & Using a Grafting Tool
    How to make your own grafting tool.
  • Your First Year
    What to do your first year keeping bees, and how it's different than all the later years.
  • Wintering Honeybees
    What do you feed honeybees over the winter? What about keeping them warm?
  • Identifying Queen Cells
    All healthy hives make queen cups. When does a queen cup become a queen cell, and what should you do when that happens?